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Sept. 20, 2022

Comedian Bryan McCree a Joyful Flintstone

Comedian Bryan McCree a Joyful Flintstone

Is it possible to make Flint laugh? If anyone can, it's Flint native Bryan McCree, a nationally known comedian, actor, and writer. He regularly tours America with shows marked by their insight into American culture and the oddities of life in our country. He is particularly astute at using humor to make us laugh at ourselves. 

In this interview, Byran shares hilarious clips of his shows featuring humor about Flint, making the audience laugh at itself and its stereotypes about race and being poor.

Byran has regularly appeared on Comedy Central, Mad TV, NBC, and Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen. He is the nephew of the late Floyd J. McCree, former Mayor of Flint. Mayor McCree was a  Michigan Civil Rights icon. Bryan's father was a jazz virtuoso, and his Great Aunt was a Broadway legend.   

The Jherri curled comic has shared the stage with comedians such as Sinbad, George Wallace, and Robert Shimmel and with the group, The Isley Brothers. Bryan is a hilarious man with a demeanor and acting skills that can keep an audience in tears with laughter.

He spent years acting at Flint's McCree Theater, a venue named after his famous uncle. It was there he honed his stagecraft skills and charm. Comedy allows McCree to assume himself as the character in his one-man shows.   He does all this with tremendous wit, insight, and a natural stage presence. 

In this interview, he shares his life growing up in Flint, his family,  attending Flint Southwestern High School, etc. He shares humorous antidotes about his younger days in Flint. Bryan tells of giving comedy shows to his classmates on the school bus each morning on their way to school. He laughs at the neighborhood days of playing the game of twelve. He never gives up on his beleaguered hometown. 

McCree describes what it is like to live in a blue-collar town like Flint, Michigan. He reflects a good-natured poke at his audiences and himself. 

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Bryan McCree Profile Photo

Bryan McCree

Comedian - Acror - Writer

Don’t forget the name because you’ll be screaming it in the morning! This comedic act will astound you with his astute observations on life which are on the edge and simply hilarious. Bryan's life is the epitome of diversity. Caught between two worlds, one black, one white. The two worlds collide in a hilarious romp of attempting to decipher black slang, and trying to fit in with white family members and neighbors. Their antics are brought to life right before your eyes. 

Born into a show business family performing is in his genes. His Father a jazz virtuoso, his Great Aunt a Broadway legend, his Mother the best damn cosmetology instructor ever to wear a smock. Legend has it that she was responsible for giving her son the first jherri curl in American history, but that's a whole other story. 

Bryan McCree is a nationally known comedian, seen on Mad TV, Comedy Central and most recently Comic's Unleashed with Byron Allen. In 2006 Bryan earned honors as a best of NBC's Stand UP For Diversity finals. (One of ten hand picked comedians from all over the country) He has shared the stage with the likes of Sinbad, George Wallace, and Robert Schimmel. He has a natural charm on stage, and his infectious giggle often incites laughter among the masses. His natural acting talent shows through in his act, as he plays his funniest character: Himself.