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Radio Free Flint Podcast

About Us: Our Hometown Flint, Michigan


This podcast was born in Flint, Michigan, a rust belt factory town.

The 1937 UAW sit-down strike occurred at this General Motors automobile factory. 

The hard-working people of this gritty, blue-collar, working-class neighborhood fought for the dignity and fair treatment of General Motors factory workers. These courageous factory workers fought for and won a place in the American middle class.

We are deeply committed to public service and social and economic justice.

We present podcast interviews, video podcasts, and audio essays about the blue-collar way of life, their culture, and issues affecting working-class communities. We share the personal life histories and aspirations of the working person in America's rust belt.

About the Host

Arthur A BuschProfile Photo

Arthur A Busch

Founder and Host of Radio Free Flint Podcast

Arthur Busch is a veteran lawyer and educator with an acclaimed record of success in high-profile cases. He was a Prosecutor and community leader for decades.

Arthur Busch grew up in rust belt Flint, Michigan, just three blocks from the former General Motor's Fisher Body Plant #1. The auto factory was the site of the historic sitdown strike that gave birth to the United Automobile Workers Union.

Mr. Busch holds a BA in Urban Public Policy, and a Masters's Degree in Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University as well as a Juris Doctorate from Thomas Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. He attended Flint Public Schools.