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Nov. 8, 2022

Fly Away Home Snowbird

Fly Away Home Snowbird

Millions of American "Snowbirds" seasonally migrate from the Rust Belt to the Sunbelt. They seek more comfortable, warmer climates during the cold winters "up north." Many of the Snowbirds also come from Canada.

What is a "Snowbird," and why do they want to move around the country chasing the sunshine? Is there something this lifestyle says about us and our culture? Have our patterns of life mimicked the ducks and the geese?  

In this essay, Arthur Busch explains why he became a Snowbird and how he feels about leaving his home and family behind in Michigan to head for the Suncoast of Florida. Arthur discusses what has become an attainable lifestyle for many from blue-collar regions of America. Is being a Snowbird part of the working-class culture? For many in Michigan who spent careers working in the automobile industry, the answer is YES!

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