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Sandra Branch on the Flint Public Art Project, Murals, Goodbye Graffiti

Radio Free Flint (www.RadioFreeFlint.media) interviewed Sandra Branch.
The Flint Public Art Project a non-profit group has helped fuel the creation of over 100 new murals in the City of Flint. This year, the goal for 2020 is to add between 60 to 75 more and artists are needed to make that vision a reality. Local and international muralists have come to Flint and transformed many parts of the city with beautiful and thoughtful murals. This projects has evolved into a activity for those who want to tour the city. Each mural has a computer code enabled to give touring visitors the backstory of the mural, the artist and other information concerning.

Sandra Branch who leads this project along with others in the group have not just transformed blight but they have mentored graffiti artists and those charged with vandalism giving them a new and positive avenue of expression. Sandra also has engaged projects in area parks by painting basketball and tennis courts, using area schools to engage in art education as well as cleaning up blight.

Sandra Branch is a former police officer, a Flint native, a graduate of Bentley High School, and has bachelor and Masters degrees from the University of Michigan-Flint. Her enthusiasm and dedication to do something positive for the Flint area is remarkable. Listen in and enjoy a fascinating and uplifting story about Flint, Michigan

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