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Rep Sheryl Kennedy on Michigan Schools and Pandemic

Radio Free Flint (www.RadioFreeFlint) interviewed:
State Representative Sheryl Kennedy (D-Davison) is a member of the Genesee County state legislative delegation. Her career is off to an amazing start being named to a seat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee where she serves on subcommittees for School Aid & Education, Corrections and Agriculture. Sheryl spent a career in education as a teacher in the Davison School District and later as a school administrator in Oakland County. She has earned the trust of her colleagues as well as Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer. She shares her impressions of Michigan government, her first 18 months in office and how she goes about the work of a state legislator. Sheryl is a sixth generation resident of the Davison area of Genesee County, Michigan. She attended Davison High School where she was involved in the performing arts. She went on to obtain a PHd from Oakland University in Education Administration. She talks about fixing the roads in Montrose, trying to fix the education system by making college available and affordable for all citizens and how to deal with COVID 19. She was recently appointed to a special group by Governor Whitmer to develop some guardrails for the reopening of schools in Michigan after the COVID 19 shutdown. Her efforts to make schools safe for all is commendable. Based on her first 18 months in office, it is clear that she is a budding star in the Michigan Legislature with her passion for education and drive to accomplish her goals. She has rose quickly to prominence in the legislature because of her competence and obvious skills at working well with others.

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For more information on State Representative Sheryl Kennedy and how to contact her visit : https://housedems.com/kennedy For other information go to: https://www.electsherylkennedy.com/