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Carriage Town Ministries and Homelessness in Flint

Cindy Johns discusses homelessness and the causes of homelessness in the Flint area.

Carriage Town Ministries began in 1950 as the Flint Rescue Mission on the banks of the Flint River at Grand Traverse Street. The organization has been working to find solutions to poverty and homelessness for 70 years. The community has supported the work of the organization throughout those years.

Many faithful Flint area churches and individuals recognize the calling of Matthew 25 to be ministers to the hungry, the thirsty, and the individuals in need of a place to stay. The Carriage Town organization seeks to find the cause of homelessness for each individual they serve.

Carriage Town today is located on a campus of learning and restoration in Flint's historic Carriage Town neighborhood. Visitors and residents find a haven of safety and acceptance, learning and responsibility, structure and productivity…A place to find a new birth, a sense of purpose for today, clothing items, and hope for tomorrow.

Finding homelessness solution requires resources and community collaboration

We discuss specifically the remarkable progress people in serving the homeless population. Carriage Town Ministries welcomes volunteers, donations of certain clothing items, and monetary donations.

Michigan's Troubadour, Neil Woodward, and songwriter David O. Norris provided the music in this podcast. Neil Woodward performs the song Peach Tree Creek. The song Peach Tree Creek honors Michigan's 10th Infantry Regiment from the Flint area, who fought in the civil war battle at Peach Tree Creek (March to the Sea).