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Nov. 12, 2020

Toxic Brownfield and the Flint River

Toxic Brownfield and the Flint River
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Flint, Michigan's Buick City brownfield site does not have just a little bit of toxic chemicals left behind by GM, there appears to be a massive amount of environmental damage.

As the Flint water crisis, the real story is not out there just yet about the Buick City brownfield site. More is learned each year about the extent of the damage. The Buick City site appears to be a crime scene.

Remember there have already been millions and millions of EPA Super Fund dollars spent to clean the site up. While General Motors (GM) can claim bankruptcy and walk away from Flint without financial liabilities, the criminal laws do not afford the same protections from those who poisoned the environment in the City of Flint.

In 2018,  according to the Flint Journal, testing at the Buick City site revealed PFAS in the City of Flint storm water drain system.  That drain system feeds into the Flint River. PFAS is a chemical known to cause cancer.

Efforts to repurpose the massive brownfield have been evolving at a snail's pace.  There have been some companies willing to take a chance on the massive industrial site.  Time will tell exactly what price the community will pay for the massive recklessness of GM in the handling of substances that affect human health.  But it is a reasonable bet that the groundwater around that industrial site will never be used as drinking water.


For more on the GM Buick City brownfield pollution story please visit our website's Featured Blog Post "GM's Legacy to Flint: A Toxic Brownfield & Polluted Flint River"


  • Special Thanks to Colton Ort who provided the song, The Flint River Blues.  Colton is a singer-songwriter who wrote this song to help keep the poisoned children of Flint from being forgotten.
  • Watch a YouTube video interview with Colton Ort with Radio Free Flint


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