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Jan. 18, 2022

Safetyville USA Part Two

Safetyville USA Part Two

Safetyville, Flint, Michigan, has a special place in the hearts of a lot of Flint area baby boomers. STOP-LOOK-LISTEN remember that lesson?

Most remember the miniature Corvettes, T-Birds, and kid's first driver's licenses. Many Flint baby boomers received their first driver's license at Safetyville-Flint.

Safetyville could be found at Kearsley Park. The powered cars were vintage replicas of the Ford T-Bird, and just for good measure, there were a few Corvettes.

I interviewed Len Exline, who is a collector of these miniature cars. Len explains there were just four Safetyville in the USA. Taco Bell used these cars in their commercial and a movie or two.

Many kids in Flint counted the hours down until their visit to Safteyville. Don't miss Safetyville, USA Part One of this series.


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