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Oct. 19, 2020

Safetyville, USA Part 1

Safetyville, USA Part 1
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Safetyville, Flint Michigan has a very special place in the hearts of many baby boomers in the Flint Area.

This podcast narrative by Arthur Busch recalls the Safetyville of the 1960s in Flint, Michigan.

The podcast episode has a brief interview with powered car expert, Lee Exline, on the cars driven by Safetyville. He was the man who bought the cars we drove in our youth.

STOP-LOOK-LISTEN remember that lesson? Many Flint children growing up in Flint received their first driver's license at Safetyville-Flint.

Safetyville, USA Flint was located at Kearsley Park. The powered cars were actually vintage replicas of the Ford T-Bird and just for good measure, there were a few Corvettes.


Listen to this Podcast Episode for more about Safetyville. There is also a second podcast episode about Safetyville on this website.


More on Safetyville, Flint, Michigan at My City Magazine: http://www.mycitymag.com/safetyville-usa/


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