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April 4, 2021

Michael Jablonski

Michael Jablonski
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Grand Blanc, MI attorney and businessman Michael Jablonski is an entrepreneurial success. Jablonski shares stories from his business career in the food and entertainment business in Mid-Michigan.

Few people in Michigan have made an impact on the Flint area community's entertainment and fine dining as Michael Jablonski.

Michael has developed several concept businesses in the Flint, Michigan area. Those establishments, Celebrations Night Club and Brick Street have became some of the most popular and financially successful businesses in Genesee County.

Michael owned or managed other food and entertainment businesses including:

  • R.C. Coopers, a fine dining establishment in Flushing, Michigan
  • BeachTree in suburban Flint Township, Michigan
  • JT Thornberry's in Mt. Morris, Michigan.

Michael Jablonski also has also maintained a law practice in Grand Blanc, Michigan where he specializes in business and corporate matters.

He was born into a Polish-American family of entrepreneurs who owned local bakeries and food establishments in Genesee County. He is a native of Flint and Mt. Morris, Michigan.

He graduated from E. A. Johnson High School and Michigan State University.


Visit Michael Jablonski's signature eatery Brick Street of Grand Blanc


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