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Nov. 22, 2020

Marty Embry: Flint Basketball Legend

Marty Embry: Flint Basketball Legend
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Marty Embry is a legendary basketball player, whose teams at Flint Central High School won two Class A Michigan High School basketball titles.

Marty Embry played at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. His teams played in three NCAA Division I college basketball tournaments, as well as an NIT college post-season tournament.

Marty was an NBA 3rd-round draft pick of the Utah Jazz and went on to play 13 seasons of professional basketball.

Notably, Marty has published 13 books.  His works include 8 cookbooks, a self-help book (Diary of a Depressive), 2 books of quotes, 3 poetry books, and several novels that are amazing!

Embry describes himself as a serial entrepreneur.  He credits his upbringing in Flint, Michigan for the grit and determination, and will to win that made him a success in basketball and life.  His story is nothing short of inspiring.

Flint, Michigan has a reputation for fabulous basketball players and Marty Embry is one of the reasons why.


See the list of 13 books Marty Embry authored by visiting:


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