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Nov. 26, 2020

Kate Garns: Self Talk & Motivational Speaking

Kate Garns: Self Talk & Motivational Speaking
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Kate Garns is a national motivational & leadership speaker, Disney Performer and author. Kate works with student government leaders across the nation about self talk and leadership using motivational themes.

Garns has Flint roots as her family is from the Flint area.  She discusses the pursuit of her career in entertainment and public speaking.

Kate's message to young people of America is inspiring and convincing.  More importantly she speaks to values based lessons that are not just good medicine for the younger generation but for all generations.

More specifically Kate  specializes in self- talk. She helps show teens how to find their worth and value when nobody shows up to tell them that they are worthy or valuable.

Garns shares her own story of being told she was not good enough to be a performer at one of the worlds top tourist destinations where she eventually became a gladiator.

Kate shows teens how to overcome obstacles and have personal success, not because anyone saved her, but because she chose to save herself.  In her recent book,"Mix Tape: How To Stop Listening To The Recordings Of Your Past," Kate also discusses her speaking themes during this podcast interview.



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