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June 11, 2020

Gritty Flint: George's Gambling Joint, Armed Robbery and Pinball #20022

Gritty Flint: George's Gambling Joint, Armed Robbery and Pinball #20022
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Most paperboys finish their route at the neighbor's house.  Arthur Busch's route finished at a gambling joint on the "strip" in front of a GM factory.  He recounts a story of life in gritty Flint, Michigan.  In his story, he of delivers the Flint Journal to a bar on his paper route and stumbles onto a robbery. Arthur then faced down the burglar who had sawed off shotgun in hand.  The story of the "strip" as it was known to the neighborhood kids is about life in a factory town in the 1960's.  It explores the thoughts of boys in handling thoughts of fear, retaliation and revenge.   It also gives insight into  blue collar life of teenagers.  It's a story of true crime, culture and growing up in a hard scrabble town as told by its former Prosecutor.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/radiofreeflint/message

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