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May 3, 2021

Michigan Lumber Company: Oldest Lumber Yard in Flint Area

Michigan Lumber Company: Oldest Lumber Yard in Flint Area
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Michigan Lumber is a Centennial business in the City of Flint. Gerald Haan and his daughter Katie are the third and fourth generation to run the family-owned business.

Gerald also shares his views about Michigan Lumber, Flint, and its future. He also shares his dream of building affordable new single-family housing in the downtown Flint area.

Michigan Lumber is located just beyond the center of downtown Flint. The family-owned business has been working from its original location since its founders came to the Greater Flint area in 1916.

Most observers would assume that any business starting about that time would be tied to the booming automobile factories. This lumber company contributed not only to the building of Flint's auto manufacturing prominence but also to the overall growth of the Flint area.

The company holds the distinction of being the oldest lumber yard in Genesee County, Michigan. Michigan Lumber continues to operate under the philosophy established by their elders to give today's established customers the finest quality lumber products with an underscore of premier service by exceptionally experienced staff.


  • The company address is 1919 Clifford Street, Flint, Michigan, near the intersection of Saginaw and 12th St.
  • Learn more about the products and services provided by Michigan Lumber by visiting their website: https://michiganlumber.com/ 


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