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Aug. 30, 2022

Former Public Safety Chief of Bishop Airport Recalls Flint Terror Attack

Former Public Safety Chief of Bishop Airport Recalls Flint Terror Attack
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Former Bishop Airport Public Safety Director Chris Miller discusses a 2017 terrorist attack at the Flint, Michigan, airport. He also talks about the changes the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America had on current operations at Bishop  International Airport.

The retired Public Safety Director at Flint Bishop Airport, Chris Miller, was a hero in 2017 when he and an airport maintenance worker subdued a terrorist who stabbed a fellow police officer.  Miller's quick actions helped save the life of a fellow officer during a terrorist attack inside the Bishop International Airport Terminal.

The attacker, a Tunisian national, was found guilty in 2018 on single counts of committing an act of violence at an international airport, interference with airport security, and an act of terrorism transcending national boundaries. He is serving a life sentence for the crimes.

Chief Miller led the security detail at the Flint airport on the day of the 911 terrorist attacks in 2000. His law enforcement career has spanned nearly 40 years in the Flint area.   He also retired from the Genesee County Sheriff's Department after 20 years. He also worked for a time with the Mt. Morris Township Police Department.

Miller shares his experiences as a young musician in the Flint area, growing up in a General Motors family, and his hobby of collecting Chevrolet Corvettes. He attended Flint Community Schools, C.S. Mott Community College, and Oakland University.

Upon his retirement in 2021, the City of Flint Lifetime Achievement Award and a key to the city were presented to Chief Chis Miller.

Visit the Bishop International Airport website to learn more about the airport.

Check out a profile story about Chief Chris Miller at My City Magazine

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