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June 8, 2021

Flint Poet Laurate Semaj Brown

Flint Poet Laurate Semaj Brown
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Poet Semaj Brown is Flint's Poet Laureate.  Her work in Flint uses poetry to address literacy problems with lead-poisoned children.

Semaj Brown is the first Poet Laureate appointed by the City of Flint.  She delivers a riveting read of a poem she wrote for the people of Flint.

The Academy of American Poets recently recognized her talents as a Poet Laureate.

Semaj works in Flint using poetry to address literacy problems with lead-poisoned children.  Semaj is also an accomplished playwright, published author, and lecturer.

In Flint, her work in the Flint Community School District has been nothing short of amazing.  She has presented her poetry at many colleges and universities across the Midwest, including the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Baruch College (NYC), Kent State, and Indiana University, just to name a few.

Semaj Brown is one of the most inspirational guests in Radio Free Flint's history!


You can learn more about Semaj Brown and her poems by visiting her author's website.

Find Semaj Brown on the website of the American Academy of Poets.

A feature article about Semaj Brown that details her work and background can be located at My City Magazine

The Flint Journal reported that Semaj Brown was honored by the American Academy of Poets by receiving funding for her work with children in the Flint School District:

Flint’s first poet laureate awarded $50K to infuse poetry throughout city with focus on literacy


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