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Oct. 12, 2020

Characters in the Commercials: Flint Television Advertising

Characters in the Commercials: Flint Television Advertising
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Mark Parsells' stories of the history of radio and television advertising in Mid-Michigan are full of humor. Mark's late father, Vern Parsell, was a pioneering Flint area automobile dealer.

Mark Parsell got the grit and determination in Flint that he needed to launch a second career in the recording business in Memphis, TN.

Parsell, a Flint-area native, operates South Main Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. His studio attracts recording artists from across the globe. He is also known as the "Mayor" of South Main.

In the podcast interview, Mark reveals himself as a "chip off the old block," with his father's flair for promotion.   Entertaining, Mark Parsell provides insights into a side of television advertising the viewers never see.


Learn more about South Main Sounds in Memphis, Tn by visiting Mark Parsell's website.

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