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March 8, 2021

Arlene Crane-Curns: 93 Year Old Author Shares Her Story

Arlene Crane-Curns: 93 Year Old Author Shares Her Story

At 90 years old Arlene Crane-Curns, who has lived almost a century, authored a book!  In Homemade Noodles and Cars, Arlene tells the story of her family-from World War I and how it affected them.  Her parents struggled to provide a home for their five children during the Great Depression. She grew up in Flint, Michigan. Arlene tells of her family's role in World War II and meeting her soon-to-be husband when he came home from the war. She and her husband, who was disabled in the war, started married life with a monthly income of $89 and had four babies in the four years that followed.  That was a challenge they conquered together through love for each other. 

Arlene will make you laugh and maybe shed a tear.  But if you enjoy good stories from a kinder, gentler time, listen to this podcast as she recounts her memories she put in her book "Homemade Noodles and Cars". Order Arlene's book to get the secret stories she speaks of in this interview. You can get a copy of her book at: 

Barns and Noble (e-book & Nook) and Amazon 

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