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April 7, 2020

Americana tribute to Working People of Flint #20003

Americana tribute to Working People of Flint #20003
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Singer Dan Hall and songwriter David Norris share stories of nearly 40 years authoring songs about the Great Lakes and the American labor movement.  Their important work has been featured on PBS documentary specials about the UP and Shipwrecks on the Great Lakes.  Their work has been part of the Shipwreck Museum in Paradise, Michigan and the Flint Labor Museum.   Dan and David, both with Flint, Michigan roots, have written some of the best Great Lakes Americana songs.  Their work documents the struggles of working people and culture of Michigan.  They share with you the song sit-down strike ballad "1937" as a tribute an to honor the life of Ruben Burks, the former Secretary-Treasurer of United Automobile Workers Union who passes away this week.  Also found in this episode is "The Wheelsman" a song about the people who lived and lost their lives on the Great Lakes. To view this interview on YouTube click the link below: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=291413381856906 YouTube Videos of Dan Hall Performing his songs  "1937":      https://youtu.be/BYjJxstGl7Y The Wheelsman:  https://youtu.be/n_pkyrefzvA Information on the Flint Sit-down Strike: https://youtu.be/mZ7v1FQJTiQ Thank you Dan Hall and David O. Norris for your brilliant work in preserving the culture of your hometown Flint, Michigan.  Your efforts will guarantee that generations to come will have a history to visit and understand.  It was the working people that you sing about that made America great ! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/radiofreeflint/message

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