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April 22, 2020

A Grand National BMX Racer and Auto Gypsy

A Grand National BMX Racer and Auto Gypsy
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Dennis Ybarra is a General Motors auto gypsy and a Grand National BMX Race Champion. Dennis,  who has been laid off and transferred an amazing number of times.  During his career he has learned to accept more layoffs than he can count.  He shares his personal story about the anxiety that is caused when the economic winds of change result in his having to accept transfers to far away auto plants just to maintain his position with the company.  He describes his life growing up in a General Motors factory town and living in a house with a General Motors factory on the other side of a fence in his backyard.  He lived with grandparents who immigrated to America from Mexico.  Dennis is a third generation factory worker in Flint, Michigan.  Yet in spite of the problems with economic instability he manages to still serve his community and the children who live there.  It is an amazing picture of the resilience of the American autoworker and their desire to help kids find a path to the American Dream.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/radiofreeflint/message

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