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Behind the Wheel at age 10! The Flint Safetyville I Remember

  Safetyville, Flint is a special place for the Flint area baby boomers. STOP-LOOK-LISTEN remember that lesson about crossing the street in your hometown? Many Flint baby boomers received their first driver's license at Safetyville-…

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Musician Justine Townes Earle Understood Flint, Michigan

  Justin Townes Earle understood what Flint gave to America. There are many songs written about American cities. There is New York and Frank Sinatra, Memphis and the blues, Journey and its song about Detroit, and many others. But n…

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Phillip Wise: The Story of  a  Blue Collar  Air Force War Hero

Phillip Wise was raised in a working-class family in blue-collar Flint. Like many U.S. war veterans, Phillip Wise was a product of a working-class family and grew up in a blue-collar south side Flint, Michigan neighborhood. His values of ser…

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